Preserving our past

It’s our mission to be a trusted community resource for Pickens County history

Pickens Historical Society is committed to the collections and preservation of Pickens County’s history. By developing strong community partnerships and historic preservation advocacy, we strive to inspire our community to become engaged to preserve our beloved history and cultivate a love of learning about our past.

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Volunteers play an important role in the overall mission of Pickens Historical Society by helping to preserve, protect, and promote our North Georgia’s history. As a volunteer, you join many other generous individuals who support the Society’s mission by volunteering for specific projects, organizing events, utilizing your special talents and skills, contributing artifacts, photos and information, and serving as board or committee members.

Our cities, towns and neighborhoods

There is so much to see in Pickens County! If you haven’t already, be sure to visit our towns, Talking Rock, Tate, Nelson, Jasper, Marble Hill.

Historical Markers

Pickens County was created December 5, 1853, and named for General Andrew Pickens of Revolutionary fame. The first settlements sprang up along the Old Federal Road which followed in general the route of the highway through Tate, Jasper and Talking Rock. Mount Oglethorpe (formerly called Grassy Knob), Burrell Top of Burnt Mountain and Sharp Top Mountain dominate the skyline in the northeastern part of the county; to the southwest is Sharp Mountain. Erected in 1953 by the Georgia Historical Commission.

Our history

Pickens County is full of interesting history. We encourage you to learn more about it and be as fascinated with it as we are by it.

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