Our Towns

The Tate House, "The Pink Manson"
The Tate House, “The Pink Manson”


Tate is an unincorporated community in Pickens County. The Georgia Marble company and the Tate Historic District in Tate is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Tate House was added to the National Register for Historic Places on May 17, 1974.

Colonel Samuel Tate began construction in 1923 and the mansion was completed in 1928. Designed by Walker and Weeks, architects in the Neo-Classical style, the home is made of pink and white marble (Etowah Marble) supplied by Tate’s Georgia Marble Company, and sometimes called the “Pink Palace or Pink Marble Mansion”. Tate was president of the marble company.

Marble Hill

An unincorporated city of Pickens County. The community was named for a marble quarry near the town site.

In 1845 the Star Route was created by the federal law. The Marble Hill route was initiated as a Star Route which remains that today.

Talking Rock

The third smallest town in the state of Georgia, Talking Rock has not changed much since its beginning in 1883, when the train was the lifeline of the town.

The purpose of establishing a Town on the Marietta & North Georgia Railroad in Pickens County, Georgia, to be designated and known as the Town of Talking Rock. The Georgia General Assembly incorporated it as a town in 1883.


As the marble industry developed in the county, there was a need for another finishing plant. The property purchased for newly formed marble company, The Georgia Marble Company, was purchased from John Nelson. The property was located on the railroad near the Cherokee County line, for this purpose; and the town that sprang up there logically took the former owner’s name. Mr. Nelson was a farmer and also a gunsmith of considerable note, and today there are many Nelson rifles throughout this area which are highly prized by their owners.


Nicknamed “The First Mountain City,” Jasper was founded in 1853 as seat of the newly formed Pickens County. It was incorporated in 1857 as a town and in 1957 as a city. The community is named for William Jasper, a hero of the American Revolutionary War.