Our Story

Pickens Historical Society (PHS) is a private, non-profit 501c(3) organization governed by a Board of Directors.

Pickens Historical Society formerly known as The Marble Valley Historical Society was formed on December 4, 1980, by a group of citizens with a passion for preserving and sharing the history of Pickens County. Renovating the Old Pickens County Jail was the society’s first big project. Replaced by a new jail in 1982, the old jail needed more than $150,000 in repairs before it was ready for visitors.

Self-Guided Tour of Downtown Jasper
Historical buildings in downtown Jasper are another ongoing project. The society has mapped out a walking tour that identifies Jasper’s oldest commercial buildings. You can get a brochure explaining the walk at the jail when it’s open, by mailing a request to our post office address, or calling 770-744-1950.

Our Preservation Projects

Do you think preserving local history is important?
Since we are a nonprofit organization, that means we rely 100% on financial support from businesses, foundations, and individuals – people just like you! If you support our mission to share the stories and preserve the places that form our community, please consider becoming a sponsor or becoming a member.

We are currently working on a few preservation projects. Hopefully, we will be able to announce what they are to the community soon.

Meet Our Board Members

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